What is the PEAK Home Ownership Program?

The PEAK program brings home ownership into reach for dozens of families and individuals who help keep Calgary a vibrant place to live but because of housing prices may choose to move to a more affordable community.

The program is aimed at assisting hard working, middle-income Calgarians who need a "hand-up" to qualify for a mortgage. The program is designed to get families and individuals into their own home and realize the dream of home ownership.

All Peak Units are priced and purchased at market value and all buyers hold a mortgage. Units purchased under the PEAK Home Ownership Program must be the principal residence of the approved applicants.

Do you qualify?

How does it work?

  1. Visit the "How to Apply" page on this site to review detailed program qualifications.
  2. Download, complete, and submit the application form. A link to the appropriate form is available on the information page of the project you are applying under. (See the Projects page). Send any inquires to peak@habitatsouthernab.ca, or call 403-253-9393.  
  3. Qualified applicants will be contacted and asked to acquire bank and mortgage loan insurance approval for a mortgage.
  4. Once approved, applicants will be matched up with suitable units based on need and availability.

Who's involved?

For information on the partnerships involved in the Peak program, see the "Partners" page.